Camera selection
Looking for the perfect camera for your project?

It is not an easy task. Generally speaking, what you pay, what you get.
You can't expect good picture from an inexpensive camera what you
just purchased from the Large Retailer or in the Flea Market
Bigger the CCD better the picture, CMOS is low quality
1/3 inch CCD has better picture the 1/4 inch
More TV lines also give you sharper image, new cameras has 700 lines

Bullet cameras are good choice for indoor or outdoor, they are
weather proof, not too pricey, with IR they good for night time, but only
for 10 to 15 meters, unless you buy the long range ones, then the price
will jump.

Dome cameras are made for indoor with plastic enclosure or outdoor
with aluminum housing and heavy lexan lens cover.
Some has IR for night view

Traditional cameras are pricier, needs separate lens, and bracket to
install and optional housing. They have more features and better picture

Covert cameras comes with all kind of shapes, they are pin hole
cameras installed in some kind of enclosure.

PTZ cameras are the ultimate surveillance tools. They can move or
zoom in by using an optional joystick controller or using the mouse of
the DVR. They are can be set up to do a pre-programmed guard tour,
or the most sophisticated ones, like Bosch, can follow automatically a
moving object.  

HD cameras are new on the market, they are producing HD quality
picture over coax cable, 720p or 1080p. Don't need to rewire for
camera upgrade, don't need extensive network knowledge.

Network cameras are the newest products today.
They have a built in web server, just plug in to the existing computer
network with a CAT5 cable, address it and with the supplied software
can be viewed from anywhere, locally (LAN) or over the Internet (WAN).

Licence plate:
Some people asking how to capture licence plates?
The answer is, not easily.
Either buy a specialized licence plate reader camera, or buy a really
good camera with a telephoto lens focusing in a narrow path where the
cars are passing by.
Indoor Cameras
From 50.00
Outdoor vandal proof Cameras
From 95.00
Indoor-Outdoor Bullet Cameras
From 85.00
Box Cameras
From 95.00
From 40.00

High Definition Cameras
From 180.00
Pan Tilt and Zoom Cameras
From 600.00
IP Cameras
From 180.00