Hananet Software (DigiCam) and Back Up

Click on the link for the software, save it on the desktop,
extract (unpack or unzip) the software and install it.
Software Installation:
1. 900 for 4 channel DVR software
2. 2416 for 16 channel DVR software
3. CLIENT for remote software
Note: Windows 7 users needs to right click on icon and
run it as administrator after installation !!!

Saving images:
1. Still picture > find your image what you like to save
                (only one camera on screen), click on Back Up
             > name it and click save either BMP or JPEG format
                (remember where you saved it)
2. Video (AVI)  > search and go to the beginning of the video
                what you like to save (only one camera on screen)
             > click AVI, name your file and click Save
                (remember where you saved it)
             > click GO and you will see the video in fast motion in the small screen,
                hit STOP when you finished
3. Transfer the saved pictures and videos to a USB memory stick
NDC 6016 Remote Software and Back Up

Software Installation:
1. Install software
2. Click the connection button (top right, two screen icon)
3. Click Add...
4. DVR name: (anything you can type here)
5. Address: (DVR IP address)
6. User name and Password same as DVR
7. OK and Connection

Saving images:
1. Insert a USB memory stick first
(make sure the USB stick is large enough to hold the back up data)
2. Right click on screen and go to Back Up
3. Enter the beginning and the ending of the recording
4. Choose your cameras and back up device (USB should be there)
5. Save it AVI or Native format.

Note: AVI will play on any computer.
The Native format is the original, not modified recording,
the viewer program will be included on the USB stick.
Click here for Provision CMS Software exe
Click here for Provision CMS Software zip